Bespoke Web Design

Iain will spend time with you to find out what you want for your website. He will then use his graphic design skills to build the site from scratch. 

Open Source Software

As Iain uses Open Source Software for his design work, he is able to keep costs down to a reasonable level. This also means the design work he provides can often be edited by the client using the freely available software. Iain is happy to discuss the use of Inkscape, GIMP or other open source software.

WEB DESIGN – from £550

Complete web design, using WordPress and Divi and including html5 coding and graphics. Responsive mobile friendly design. HTML5, PHP contact forms if required.


Do you need regular updates to your site? Email us directly with any changes required and they will often be updated within 24hrs.


LOGO DESIGN – from £100

Complete re-brand design process with several different ideas to choose from and then develop. All graphics are designed in Inkscape as SVGs and then converted to PNG for the best resolution possible.

ILLUSTRATION – from £150

Technical diagrams for patient leaflets, research papers, website information

APP ICONS – from £250

From app icons to graphics for the User Interface. Flat trendy Design

Social Media Presence - from £100

Build up your social media pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

SEO – from £200

Search Engine Optimisation allows your website to appear further up in the search results. A detailed report is generated and the website code updated.

Practice & Staff Profile Photography - from £500

Iain Mellis will visit your practice, videoing and photographing your staff members and clients to provide bespoke website material.

Iain Mellis


Iain is a qualified Optometrist and runs his own practice at Mellis Eyecare, in the North East of England. Visit

He is passionate about Open Source Software, graphic design, photography and independent optometry. Since gaining his degree in 2004 he has always been in independent practice, working initially for an independent optometrist in the Stockton area and then self employed after purchasing his own practice in December 2012. He is happily married with three wonderful sons.

He uses the open source software “Inkscape” and “GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)” for his work, which are freely available to download and use by anyone. Once any contracted work is completed and payment has been received the design will be relinquished to the client. This allows the client to then easily adapt or change the logo to fit in with any future requirements.

Some recent work:

Click the link to our Gallery and you will see many of the commercial works that Iain has done.

Here are some recent pieces of work:

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